The “24 Violins”

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Saturday, March 11, 5pm

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In this tribute to the famous Vingt-quatre Violons du Roy at the height of its powers, the Sebastians juxtaposes Bach’s Overture in the French Style with music for the famous orchestra.

The “24 Violins” was the official string band for France’s court at Versailles. It was so alluring that the British court copied its five-part structure almost immediately. The distinctive sound of the orchestra came from the way the parts were distributed, with three inner lines played by different sizes of viola, and with the outer parts (the melody and bass) weighted more heavily. On top of that, every member of the band was impeccably credentialed; for its time, it seems like it must have been an incredibly disciplined ensemble.

We have gathered our largest ever group of strings to try to reimagine the sound of this magnificent ensemble, performing music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, who was famous as Louis XIV’s maître de musique. Lully is generally considered the inventor of the French overture, which was the two-part musical structure used to open his operas.

In 1735, almost 50 years after the death of Lully, Bach published his Overture in the French Style for harpsichord. Often called the French Overture, the suite opens with a large piece in Lully’s overture form: a slow section filled with jerky dotted rhythms and ornaments, followed by a fast fugal section filled with contrast. The rest of Bach’s “Overture” is filled with dance movements, and not the traditional variety. The Sebastians will intersperse the movements of Bach’s work with Lully’s music for his own orchestra, drawing a line from one country and time period to the other.


Dessus de Violons, Hautes-contres, Tailles, Quintes

Nicholas DiEugenio
Aniela Eddy
Dan Elyar
Annie Garlid
Adrienne Hyde
Peter Kupfer
Seula Lee
Daniel Lee
Francis Liu
Vivian Mayers
Maureen Murchie
Rebecca Nelson
Rose Nelis
Chiara Stauffer
Theresa Salomon
Alissa Smith
Edson Scheid
Jessica Troy
Shelby Yamin
Jude Ziliak

Violoncelles, Violes de gambe, Basses de violon

Adrienne Hyde
Ana Kim
Cullen O’Neil
Ezra Seltzer
Nathan Whittaker
Matt Zucker


Nathaniel Chase
Wen Yang


Rex Benincasa


Adam Cockerham


Jeffrey Grossman

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