Bach: Mass in G

The Sebastians perform Bach’s “little” Mass in G major, BWV 236, in a performance with forces matching Bach’s own proportions—oboes, bassoon, strings, and continuo, plus a stunning vocal quartet who perform as soloists and chorus: Clara Rottsolk, Wee Kiat Chia, James Reese, and Tyler Duncan. Between the movements of the mass, we will include works by Bach’s contemporaries, also simulating the way the movements of the mass would have been separated by parts of the church service.

Bach wrote five Missae breves, short masses, and they are all masterpieces in miniature. The Mass in G major, BWV 236, features incredible arias for bass and tenor and a gorgeous duet for soprano and alto. For this performance, we will use forces with the same proportions Bach had: a small chamber orchestra, and just four singers who perform both as soloists and chorus. Bach’s counterpoint has never been clearer!


Johann Ludwig Bach (1677–1731)
Ouverture à 4 in G major (1715)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
Mass in G major, BWV 236
Allegro from Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (1656–1746)
Passacaille from Le Journal du Printemps, op. 1, no. 4

George Frideric Handel (1685–1759)
Passacaglia from Trio Sonata in G major, op. 5, no. 4

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)
Concerto no. 2 in G major for 4 violins without bass, TWV 40:201 (Hamburg, 1727)


Clara Rottsolk, soprano
Wee Kiat Chia, countertenor
James Reese, tenor
Tyler Duncan, baritone
Tyler Duncan appears courtesy of The Metropolitan Opera.

Gaia Saetermoe-Howard, Julie Brye, oboe
Joseph Jones, bassoon
Daniel Lee, Nicholas DiEugenio, Beth Wenstrom, Edson Scheid, Chiara Stauffer, Rebecca Nelson, Carmen Johnson-Pájaro, violin
Kyle Miller, Shelby Yamin, viola
Sarah Stone, Nathan Whittaker, cello
Nathaniel Chase, violone
Jeffrey Grossman, harpsichord and organ

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Text and Translation

1. Kyrie eleison – Christe eleison – Kyrie eleison

Kyrie eleison.Lord, have mercy.
Christe eleison.Christ, have mercy.
Kyrie eleison.Lord, have mercy.

2. Gloria in excelsis

Gloria in excelsis Deo,Glory to God in the highest,
Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.And peace on earth to men of good will.
Laudamus te, benedicimus te,We praise You, we bless You,
Adoramus te, glorificamus te.We worship You, we glorify You.

3. Gratias

Gratias agimus tibi propter magnam gloriam tuam.We give You thanks for Your great glory.
Domine Deus, Rex coelestis,Lord God, King of Heaven,
Deus Pater omnipotens.God the Father Almighty.
Domine Fili unigenite, Jesu Christe.Lord only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

4. Domine Deus

Domine Deus, Agnus Dei, Filius Patris.Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father.
Qui tollis peccata mundi,You who take away the sin of the world,
Miserere nobis.Have mercy on us.
Qui tollis peccata mundi,You who take away the sin of the world,
Suscipe deprecationem nostram.Hear our prayer
Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris,You who sit at the right hand of the Father,
miserere nobis.have mercy on us.

5. Quoniam

Quoniam tu solus sanctus, tu solus Dominus,For You alone are holy, You alone are Lord,
Tu solus altissimus, Jesu Christe.You alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ.

6. Cum Sancto Spiritu

Cum Sancto Spiritu in gloria Dei Patris,With the Holy Spirit in the glory of God the Father,

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